Make money with the internet

Make money with the internet

To make money with the internet can be an individual goal or that of the business owner.
Every business needs to use social media and the internet to gather new customers. The thrill being that the rate of change is so quick that only a few can keep up. Thereby lays an opportunity.

Make money with the internet.
For your businessa tick of success


In my course at Coachhanley I provide a stepped course  to enhance the sales opportunity of a business.
This provides a basic background knowledge on over 60 pillars to market. Little ideas that add up to a big return.

As a business owner  you need to be armed with this knowledge  to develop the units that best suit your business.
You can not be everyone at the same time, but as an owner you must have the helicopter view.
The course is structured so that you get a new marketing pillar every 8-10 days and a tip, trick or encouragement on the days in between.
We start with some heavy hitters to get you going on day one, seeing new business is all the encouragement you need to continue.

                      For the individual

need training by CoachHanley

Taking part in my course provides a twofold opportunity for you.
Because we have an affiliate program you can market the course and earn a monthly income. This can provide a growing business model for you.
Since you understand the product you can then specialize in just one of the core components.
Many of the social media and internet ideas need regular attention, maintaining the Facebook page,  organizing a newsletter , photos for Snap-chat or any of the core products.
Gain a better knowledge of the product and sell your services on a contract or hourly rate.

Why this course above all the others?

I developed the course to support my own business interests so it is based on real world needs. I have had over 30 years in sales and marketing in a range of business ideas that I have generated into a product to help and support small business.

In Conclusion unless you are keeping up to date you will get lost in the wilderness and not survive, you will be one of the alarmingly high statistics of “Closed the doors” all the dreams and cash gone.


a training course by Coachhanley

Peter Hanley


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