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Many businesses base commission payments on tiered levels of income. To start take pyramid selling out of the discussion as that is a scam and bares no relationship to multi level marketing.A tried and tested process used over decades to help generate sales by word of mouth and personal  activity .

When selling a product to retail level you have set tiers of market that involve a cost structure to be built into a final price.
Lets take an example of say a car that is manufactured in The USA, sold to a distributor for world wide opportunities and then to a local distributor ,then to a dealer and then the sales man gets a hit. That is at least five levels of markup to reach the market. Then there is advertising,support,recall etc etc.

In multi level marketing these levels are taken by individuals and not corporations to achieve the same pricing end point. Advertising is considerably less as these funds are put to the table to create word of mouth, party plan or similar strategies to find market penetration.

Some great examples have been Amway, Tupperware,  Cosmetics , Herbalife, and Nutrimetics  to name a few . Only in the past two years  Herbalife was taken to court by the Belgian government  as a pyramid seller  with the case being convincingly won by Herbalife.
Other names given are Network Marketing and Direct selling. In fact the Direct Selling Association ( DSA) Fact sheet for 1999 had sales in the USA at $28.33
billion  PA and interestingly 78% of that was face to face selling.
Herbalife generated sales in Full year 2013 of us$ 4.8 billion on their own to a record year so they are not going away anytime soon.

One of the criticisms and also one of the benefits  of this type of operation is the individual entry cost or initial purchase  versus the opportunity to make money.Amway came under a lot of early focus and was reported to have a low success level of high achievers.
Times have changed and now a competitive and open market gives us sellers an advantage of obtaining some really good deals that you can enter with eyes wide open.

I personally have an association with a web hosting service called GVO that has
a great entry level of just $29.95 a month to buy a virtual business.  OK, you can up that a little  to increase your returns but with 100% commission on the first level and reducing by half for each subsequent level it  is a compelling an attractive opportunity.Have a look here for Pure Leverage opportunity

the fastest  way to build an income

the fastest way to build an income

Peter Hanley
Web user and recurring income building advisor

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