The truth about auto responders and why you need one (or more)


If you are unsure about what auto responders do and if you really need them read on to learn the truth about Auto responders.

I have read lots of explanations and all tend to be focused in a direction that the person wants to lead you.

If you get a web or email inquiry about a product or service and the caller asks for information they can be  sent a series of emails over a period of time that will inform them and help lead them to a purchase.The whole system is automated so your responsibility is to monitor the progress and fullfill the sales

You pre-write the emails and you select the timing of the dispatch , hourly daily weekly or monthly or what ever period you desire and they will be dispatched at that time.

The general accepted time for best results is daily.

Interestingly  the main thrust of  this is to obtain callers details so you can add to the follow up routine by personally phoning the contact  or placing them in a special personal message.

Let me provide a working example of just one idea.

I do email advertising through a pay per click medium (Facebook)  that requests an email address to obtain information.

Day 1.  A welcome email saying thanks for looking at Leverage building.

Day 2  A new message that gives product details

Day 3  a message that contains closing statements

The client is then placed in a broadcast category for consistent and regular mailing

I generally use  two suppliers but Response Magic  is my favorite auto responder  because that is the main purpose of their business , Ryan provides great training and support  and you have unlimited auto responders  to use.

 The other to look at is the pure leverage package which includes all the tools you need .

It is important that the overuse of auto responders can now be detrimental to your SEO position so should be used with care.

How to get free training   Auto Responders


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