Interstate office or virtual office, can you afford not to?

Would you like an interstate office without the hefty start up costs?

If so, I know where you are coming from as I run a national office at minimal cost.

The Real Estate expense and staffing issues are just the start of the problem

you feel frightened to take that next step and want to have total control and not fail in your planning

Until now you needed a big budget to get started on a new Inter State journey

The big problem with this is the upfront costs that are needed and the real cash input in a venture that just might not work

Now with the latest in telephone technology you can look and act like a state office whilst working out of one location, sort off crawl before you walk.

Hi, My name is Peter Hanley and I am the managing director of Verdi business messaging operating a National business from right here in Perth WA so I have a bit of an idea on the subject.

And what I have proven over and over in my business is that you to can be seen as a National company and reap all the benefits.
Your customers like to shop local and that is the difference between a few sales and lots of new business.

What makes Verdi different to all the other ways is the raft of products that support your business in promoting a national image while operating out of just one office

Let me tell you just a few of the exclusive ways that you can benefit from using a virtual office service with Verdi business messaging

Here’s just a taste of what we have to offer,
First of all is 1300 phone and fax numbers that deliver voice calls and faxes to your location of choice .

The next is our exclusive local number calling using Verdi Through Dial to your customers that will show a local number identity

Our IVR service to deliver your call to the best person. Press 1 for sales 2 for service etc

web based log in to track where every call came from

The response to these methods has been great with clients increasing the sales contacts by over 100%

Mark said: ” this was so easy to institute and started working straight away.”

By now you are probably wondering what all this will cost to get started?

And that’s a fair question, however the beauty of this is that the start up cost is minimal and operating costs only grow as you do.

However, the reason we started the Virtual office program was to help people just like you, we understand that you don’t have access to unlimited funds and that a stepped approach is better.

As a special offer we will give you a free consulting review with all costing out
layed but only after speaking with you about your aspirations and plans

So if you want to start this great journey visit and hit the contact button or call us on 1800 116 116

In fact I’m so confident that we can help you I offer you my personal guarantee and no long term contracts

So if you have been in fear of taking that next step Verdi will make it so easy for you at 1800 116 116

In just a couple of hours we can have you operational in as many states as you desire

Imagine all that extra business that will roll in for you

So inquire now to start your journey 1800 116 116

Interstate office now you can.

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