Free offers online

Free offers online

What Free offers online  can you add to your website to collect names, emails and even phone numbers?
This is often the cry when thinking about that on line giveaway aimed at getting those email contacts.

Here is a list of catches you can use on any site

* A list, just like this one based on a website.

* Down load a free bonus in a PDF format for future use.
Product details, How to guide or Accessories range.

* Cheat sheets are always good. Try Forgett. sweet process or checkli    ( free offer)  to do up a simple list

* List of resources available or even staff members

* Do a Video or Audio on your business or product.

* Transcriptions

* Quick start Guide. 5 simple ways to start your mower.

* Full Guide. Service information for your lawn edger.

* Report;  How this lawnmower saved a contractor heaps of money

* Printable materials. The old brochure give away

* A challenge. How many ways to cut a lawn do you know?

*Assignments and worksheets

*Exclusive Interviews.

* Case Studies.

* Create a bigger list

* E.Books on yours or associate business

* Templates. Best way to assemble your mower cutters.

* Scripts. What to say to new lawn customers to get their business

* Formulas.  What percentage two stroke works best for you?

* Free Trial, let me cut your grass for free this one time.

* A teaser of your product. Have the best lawn edges in town and         look like this.

* Email series, join our 5 day better Lawn management program

* A free course. On every third Saturday Training in our store
Register here.

* Free Stock images. search the web for appropriate photos.

* Info graphics.

* Swipe Files

* Spread Sheets

* Podcasts, videos,talkies.

This is not a complete list it is but a thought starter as every business is different. What is the most asked question in your business. Anticipate it and answer in a pop up


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