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How to back up your computers data and earn money with gotbackup Aus marketing


     We want to show you that backing up your computers can be easy and cheap.

     We will also explain how you can make money with just a couple of referrals

     and you will never have to worry about losing data ever again.


Backing up your computer

Your home computers lap tops and mobile phones all have data that can be lost.

Precious photos Documents even music and Videos are but a fault away from being destroyed forever.

How would you feel then?

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Cloud Backup

Did you know that in 2011 just 7 % of people used the cloud to back up?

This is projected to rise to 36 % by 2016 in a massive growth industry.

* 14 % of users will lose data every year never to recover.

* 11 % of all home users lose data in any year.

* 37 % of all PC users have lost all there files

* 60 % of companies that loose their data fold within 6 months

( sources various and GVO)

Who will use computer backup?

Small business, students, families, home owners, pensioners just about anyone
with a home computer or laptop.

USA, UK and Australia include over 150 million homes, it’s a massive market


How much does it cost?

Before we talk cost let’s talk some features that will provide you a real benefit.

Unlimited Data.  What we mean is that you can back up everything and never
have to worry about selective backup. We mean unlimited

We don’t want you dipping into your pocket for every extra 2 gig of data or getting upgrade notices every week

Online service     the support line is by email or on-line chat to quickly solve any problems.

Automated           Set and forget.

Three services      Single computer, 5 computer package and Backup and share.

Pricing starts at US $7.99 month (that’s unlimited data)


How can I make money out of a great service like this?

A low-cost product that requires large volumes of customers will market in the most cost-effective mediums to gather a return on investment. One such medium is referral advertising where you get paid to recommend friends and family or even make a business out of selling to others in all manner of ways.

Many companies have been built on this formula and have made incomes for the converted. Amway and Herbalife are just two examples where an international

Corporation has achieved massive size using referral sales. It works.

MLM is based around your own personal use of the product and marketing to others.

100% commission 

That’s right and that’s just the start of the structure, because, in a proper MLM  (multi level marketing ) plan you get commission on commission and not just for month one but for every month your referrals  stay with  the plan.

That’s what we call leveraging your income so that your down line and there down line

continue to make you money year in and out.


Is this Pyramid selling?

The answer is definitely no and there are big differences between the two The main one is that with a Pyramid there is no real product sold and only tiers of income with the top-tier the winner. Countless cases have been raised against both Amway and Herbalife

And all have been dismissed as the companies continue to grow now  marketing in nearly every country in the world.

You are using and selling a valuable product to a ready market and the advertising costs are paid to the deliverers of customers to the group.


Why use a product based in the United States?

The home of the computer, Google, Facebook etc all come out of the United States. Others only duplicate or replicate the service so the real home of this is the USA. Saying that the use of spaced, support backup cities may be in the States or in the UK , Ireland  or other high traffic areas to ensure that your back up is not dependent on one lone module. Google share loads across the world as I am sure does Apple and others.

Local companies also have storage farms and provide a valuable service to mostly a specific market and at a price to match.

Try here

Are their marketing boundaries?

The answer is no!

A limit on availability in some countries  but  all the major players are available Like the USA , UK , Australia and New Zealand  so a huge, huge market.

You can just do local marketing , national or the World it is your choice.

Is my Data safe?

Let’s start by saying in is far safer than your own computer that is easily hacked or any mechanical device that can be stolen or lost and that the efforts applied  in encryption and storage are to the highest military grade.

Will someone be able to check your data? Maybe a senior government agency (FBI) backed by legislated support checking on reported severe illegal activities but generally we would say perfectly safe. No normal or hacked intrusion would be possible.


Is this company a good company to use?


Gotbackup is a division of  GVO a web  Hosting, webinar and  multi level marketing company that have slowly taken a good  part of the US and other countries business.

I have hosted and sold with GVO since 2013 and their approach to the market is one of

Customer focus, excellence in products plus valued training packages and I have no hesitation in recommending them as a supplier of choice.

Cloud backup comes in four areas of delivery and includes

Corporations.      They generally own their own or Rent infrastructure

Business.           The needs are usually dual backup with both hard drive and Cloud  support and catered for by the larger operators and in the case of failure need prompt delivery of all lost data by time based restoration

Small business and Home.    Our target market is nearly every household in your country. 117 million homes in the USA , 25 Million in the UK and just 8 Million in  Australia.

Mobile market.  Fully available and now a huge opportunity


Yes there are many backup companies in the market and I have tried or used quite a few of them and have seen first hand the income at all costs approach that often leaves the customer out on a limb.  Companies  go out of the market, change names, re-brand or simply charge too much and give too little.
Let’s not even  talk about commission non payout. is an independent reseller that funnels new business to the main corporation and earns an income from this. What a great idea! Let me show you how!

You too can be part of a revolution in computer back up and MLM marketing


Peter Hanley

100% commission and more.
Your way to the top explained

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